REC TEC Grills is an American grill company specializing in wood pellet grills. They are based out of Augusta, Georgia, and have been in business since 2009. While specializing in pellet grills, they also offer a variety of other products, such as gas cookers, grill accessories, wood pellets, and apparel.

History Edit

In 2009, lifelong friends Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy founded REC TEC Grills in Augusta, Georgia. Their first pellet grill, the RT-680, included a 40-pound hopper and Smart Grill Technology, a form of precise temperature control. Later, they introduced the RT-300 Mini, including the same temperature control and a smaller hopper.

These grills were well-received by the public, and word of mouth helped establish REC TEC as one of the premier grill companies in America. As the company began to grow, REC TEC began to offer their products online, growing exponentially in brand recognition and in social media presence. Eventually, they expanded into several buildings in an Augusta industrial park. REC TEC also began offering recipes and grilling tips on their website and on their YouTube channel, allowing viewers to copy the experts and repeat to the same result.

In early 2018, REC TEC Grills launched a new line of pellet grills. In addition to improvements in build and quality, these pellet grills also featured Wi-Pellet WiFi Connectivity, allowing customers to control their grills via WiFi connection. The RT-300 and RT-680 were both converted into the RT-340 and RT-700 respectively. The RT-700 Bull became the flagship grill for the company, with its all stainless steel critical components and 6-year warranty.

2018 also saw the addition of a WORLDCHEFS-certified master chef in Greg Mueller, who became REC TEC's Director of Culinary Innovation in the spring. In May of the same year, REC TEC Grills held its first ever REC TEC Academy, where BBQ pit masters from all over the country paid to participate in a weekend-long BBQ cooking class. As they continued to grow, they also saw the addition of several celebrity customers and brand ambassadors, including, but not limited to comedian Bert Kreischer, football star Andy Studebaker, and musicians Jack White, and Rodney Atkins.

In 2019, REC TEC Grills announced they would begin to offer financing for their grills, as well as several new products to their lineup.